Dec 272014

Merchants in the Middle East have a good payment processor that has a focused offering to this region. PayFort is a leading online processor in the Arab world and offers solutions to accept credit cards as well as other payment cards. They have investment backing from leading investment firm such as Naspers and Tiger Capital.

They currently support merchants in Egypt, UAE and Saudi Arabia; they are starting operations in Lebanon soon. Unlike most secure payment pages online, PayFort offers a retry option to the customers, increasing the conversion ratio and reducing the shopping cart abandonment ratio. Payments from all over the world can be accepted through partner banks in supported countries.

PayFortThe one-page-checkout is a fast and convenient solution that can increase customer conversion rate and can also return them for another purchase. Integration is easy; they support all major online carts including Magento, Zencart, WordPress, etc. The acquirer banks include National Bank of Egypt, The Saudi British Bank, Mashreq Bank and Bank of Abu Dhabi.

Payment methods accepted are MasterCard, Visa, CashU, Pay@Store and Pay@Home. MasterCard, Visa and Cash U are known methods; the other two are unique to PayFort, they are their own payment methods, inspired by technology and innovation. Pay@Home enables customers to pay from their home, an alternative of cash on delivery option, but advanced and safer, compared to the latter.

Pay@Store enables customers to make purchases online, via IVR and through call centers. When a customer selects this option, they are presented with a voucher which has to be taken to the specified store to complete the payment. A voucher has an expiry date and needs to be used before the expiry date.

To know more about how your business can adopt PayFort and to confirm the pricing, they can be contacted from here. To test the solutions, this link can be visited.

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Dec 172014

When you say PushPay, it becomes apparent that you just push payments. They claim to make payment processing easier for both the merchants and the customers. For businesses, they have payment processing solutions that use different payment methods including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex and bank accounts.

PushPayThey have excellent solutions for developers and for merchants looking to accept payments with smartphones, in that customers would pay using their phones. All the customers do is add a card or bank account and push to pay. The solution also has compatibility with other solutions, so that means developers can integrate it with many other solutions, making it highly adaptable.

They have also partnered with charity organizations and church communities for solutions that facilitate donation collection. They call it ‘bringing PushPay to churches’ and they also encourage other charity organizations to use PushPay for collecting donations to engage their donor community.

They are available in Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Their website does not have much information about the solutions on how beneficial it is for businesses. They instead request the merchants to contact them directly. Interested parties can contact them from here.

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Dec 062014

Wells Fargo bank is a well known bank that offers great products and solutions to the public. They also have solutions for businesses that enable them to accept payments, called ProPay. Solutions for small businesses differ from those for larger businesses.

For small businesses, they offer a simple sign up process online and flexible payment accepting methods, including mobile card readers called ProPay JAK and ProPay Flash. ProPay JAK allows merchants to accept payments on the go with real time processing in a secure environment. In order to use this, merchants need to download the required app on Android or iPhone and attach the card reader.



ProPay Flash is an advanced card reader that allows merchants to process payments in real time, provided that it is connected to an internet enabled computer. It is a portable device that works even without internet, but not in real time. It has a capacity of storing up to 71 transactions, which can be processed later when the device is connected to a computer.

Larger businesses have excellent solutions for accepting high volume of transactions. They are offered with services like ProtectPay, ProPay’s end to end encryption and tokenization solution (also available for small businesses), Payment Data Security, reduced transaction rates and so on.

ProPay does not have long term contract commitments, nor any additional gateway fee. The fees can be confirmed by contacting ProPay here.

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Nov 162014

By Mohammed Waseem

Merchants looking for all payment processing needs with a single provider can choose to work with BluePay, an Illinois based payment processing company. They have data centers and offices across the United States, to ensure best support. They partner with local and global merchants to process card payments, e-payments and e-checks fast and securely.

BluePay is equipped with latest technology and security, including tokenization and point to point encryption. They provide many options of integration. In fact, BluePay can be integrated with few accounting software, including QuickBooks. Companies that have chosen to process payments with them include small businesses, ecommerce merchants, restaurants, hotels, B2B clients, retail outlets and nonprofits.

*Challenge For December 2014

*Challenge For December 2014

BluePay supports Canadian merchants as well, along with support for US merchants. Apart from that, they support developers and on-the-go merchants as well, with the Mobile Processing solutions.

BluePay promises best solutions at best rates. Their rates start at 0.95% and may go just over 2% per transaction. Payments are deposited within 24 hours of transactions. In addition, they have dedicated customer support for live help, at any time. To find out more on how a merchant would be saving on processing with BluePay, interested merchants can contact them at 855-897-5040 or email them.

They also encourage merchants who are using another processor to switch to them. And they provide a $500 guarantee, claiming that their solutions are the best. Merchants can take this challenge from here if they are interested.

They have experience with small and large businesses; they are also included among the 500 fastest growing companies. Interested merchants can contact them and know how their solutions can be availed.

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Nov 042014

By Mohammed Waseem

Payments are going contactless, we have been hearing. Advancement of technology has led customers to complete a payment at a retail outlet without getting into contact with a POS, by just waving a card over a contactless card machine. This is available on debit cards, credit cards and prepaid cards; and it is available in a few countries for a beginning.

In the UK alone, there are over 48.3 million contactless cards in circulation, which resulted in over 23.8 million contactless transactions, as the UK Cards Association reports. Wherever the contactless symbol appears, payments can be made using this service. Not only cards, few countries have also seen wrist bands being used for contactless payments.

ContactlessHaving said that, each country has its own limitation to avoid misuse of the service by fraudsters. In the USA, any transaction over $25 would require a customer to enter a PIN. Limits in other countries are £20 in the UK, €25 for EU, except Ireland, where it is €15, A$100 for Australia and NZ$80 for New Zealand. This is to limit loss in case of security breach.

Contactless cards are said to be as secure as usual cards, but how far is that true? The Daily Mail reported that contactless debit cards had a huge flaw, which could lead to a potential loss of up to 999,999 in a foreign country. A device was used to read through a wallet to access the authentication code that is transmitted every time the contactless card is used.

When we talk about technology, there are two groups; one creates technology and the other finds flaws in them. Both work together in the improvement and enhancement of the technology for larger benefit. However, many people also misuse the ways used by the latter group for personal gain.

This in no way means that contactless is a flaw in itself, no! In fact, as I said, such methods of finding faults give opportunities for the technology to enhance and strengthen.

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Oct 302014

By Mohammed Waseem

SALT is a known name in payment processing. They have been offering various outstanding features including faster payouts, international payments and mobile payments. They work hard in redefining and delivering omni-commerce for their merchants. They are based in San Francisco and have an office in Toronto as well.

With SALT, merchants can accept payments across multiple devices with a seamless customer buying experience. Mobile payments are supported with one touch checkout as well. SALT payments accepts payments from all over the world in over 120 currencies and payout can be expected on the next business day. Settlement is done in over 30 currencies.

salt-techSALT also has excellent fraud detection and prevention tools that work seamlessly with the system, without disturbing the customer experience. Flexible integration is available to support all merchants; API, virtual terminal, hosted payments, merchants can choose from any of the integration options.

Apart from this, a diverse integration with major shopping carts is also a plus point. Recurring billing and multiple local and international payment methods are available, that help businesses create and maintain customers. No setup fee or monthly fee is charged. Businesses pay only when they accept payments. An interchange plus free of 2.9% + $0.30 is applicable per transaction.

Merchants can choose to get services including payment processing, mobile payments, virtual terminal, advanced fraud and advanced fraud management. Interested merchants can sign up for the solution by filling this form.

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Oct 292014

By Mohammed Waseem

Germany is well known for top quality automobile. Even in the payments space, they have a good quality service. Click and Buy, powered by T-Online is an excellent option for not only German merchants, but also from around of the world. They began in Germany in 1999 and now have the capability to support worldwide businesses.

According to them, over 14 million people use Click and Buy to pay at over 16000 online shops. The shops include Apple, T-Online, Parship and ADAC. Merchants can accept payments in over 120 currencies and offer over 50 local payment methods.

clickandbuyBusinesses in Germany have an advantage due to the number of customers already using a local payment option called DirektÜberweisung, the online banking service in Germany. It enables customers to pay for their purchases quickly, easily and securely. Over 40 million people in Germany use this service and Click and Buy suggests that 99% of them can be reached with it.

Businesses can enable customers to make purchases on mobile phones apart from their computers. They can also accept payments in a store with Click and Buy, with the shop system integration. For online integration, Click and Buy offers an API.

The ability to process over 120 currencies is a major advantage over many other payment processors. However, settlement is available in only 15 currencies, including USD, AUD, CAD, DKK, NOK and NZD. Transaction fees charged may depend on various factors including the billing period, payment after billing and the volume of transaction.

For example, an average transaction volume of USD 10, billing period of 1 day and payment after billing in 1 day, the fee charged would be 3.55% + 0.30 USD for a monthly volume of USD 7000. It’s a tiered plus interchange based method of pricing. Click and Buy has a fee calculator for businesses to calculate the fee they would be paying, in advance.

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Oct 042014

By Mohammed Waseem

Nonprofit organizations, when they choose a payment processor, they are mostly considered similar to other merchants. Some processors do offer modified plans and concessions to them, but none of them offer dedicated solutions. In this article, let us talk about a payment processing solution provider that offers solutions only to nonprofit merchants.

iATS payments is the company in question and they have over 10000 customers around the world. They are based in Canada and have customers predominantly in the US, Canada and Europe. The solutions are designed to enable nonprofits to conserve time and resources, allowing them to focus more of their efforts on their mission.

iATSThe products on offer include Aura, a secure online donation form; Aura Connect, a Facebook donation form; Brickwork, a payment processing application for salesforce and iATS Payments Mobile, an on-the-go solution for accepting payments/donations. The solutions are best for nonprofits that help them reduce cost and time taken to process donations and also improve efficiency and capacity of operation.

Credit card payments are accepted in 22 international currencies and debit card payments are accepted in 13 currencies. Gateway services are offered to 180 currencies worldwide, but settlement is done in 5 currencies only. In addition, iATS has an excellent fraud protection feature. Fraudulent activities can impact nonprofits more than the impact on profit making organizations, because nonprofits work for the welfare of the society.

Merchants need to have a merchant account to accept payments. To get an account with iATS and to start processing payments, merchants need to contact them at or call them at 1-866-300-4287 or simply fill the online contact form. Processing fees and other details should be confirmed from them by contacting them.

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Sep 262014

By Mohammed Waseem

US based Payscape Advisors offer various products and services for businesses to manage their finances. The solutions include online invoicing, consolidated billing, working capital, next day funding and so on. They also offer payment processing solutions such as payment gateways, mobile payment solutions and retail payment processing solutions.

The payment gateways are meant for developers and website owners, and are highly flexible in terms of integration, best for beginners and advanced users. Almost all merchants in this area can opt for the gateway, including SaaS providers, subscription based merchants and cycling billing based merchants. In addition, merchants can easily expand their businesses and attract new customers with the powerful system that allows them to accept payments in over 200 countries.

PayscapeThe gateways are protected with iSpyFraud and Secure Vault, which are Payscape’s proprietary security modules. They do not just want to attract new merchants, but also those already using a different gateway. For the latter, they have a service called the Gateway Emulator that makes it easy to shift from a different gateway.

For retail merchants, they offer POS solutions that enable them to process payments with ease and in a secure manner. For payments in check, they offer guaranteed check conversion, check verification and check guarantee, which is great. Merchants can also choose to accept payments on the go with the mobile payment solutions.

A small device has to be attached to a smartphone or a tablet to turn it into a POS that can be taken anywhere and payments can be accepted by swiping cards using this device.

Payscape has processed over $7 billion in over 125 million transactions worldwide. They are growing rapidly and have been named one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. They have also been awarded for customer growth and industry influence. Interested merchants must contact them by filling the sign up form, to get more information including the processing fees.

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