Aug 182014

By Mohammed Waseem

Payment solutions provider, Mobino is a Swiss company that offers payment solutions of various types. They also offer payment accepting solutions for merchants, supporting both ecommerce stores and physical outlets. Launched in 2011, they have been working hard on offering innovative solutions to individuals, merchants and even governments.

They are an innovative company that strives to be innovative. Their products are designed to be integrated with the existing banking infrastructure of a country, and in countries where banking services are not easily accessible, they offer prepaid accounts.

MobinoWith Mobino, merchants can get paid instantly, but both the customer and the merchant need to have the Mobino app installed on their phones. They don’t support other payment types like credit cards, debit cards or PayPal.

When a sale happens and the customer wants to pay, all that the merchant has to do is create a payment request. This generates a unique ticket number that has to be provided to the customer. The customer click on “Pay Merchant” and enters the ticket number to make the payment. That’s it, the transaction is complete.

Mobino charges 1% of the transaction as the fee, unlike credit card processors who charge approximately 3% and additional $0.30 per transaction on an average. After the payment is done, both the merchant and the customer receive SMS notification confirming the payment. This money can is deposited in the merchant’s bank account at a frequency chosen by the merchant, including daily.

This was for merchants with a physical place of business. For ecommerce merchants, Mobino has an API integration solution to accept payments online. For more information on the integration, merchants can visit this link, which explains the process in technical terms. In order to create an account for using the service, merchants can either use the contact form or send an email to or call +41 78 612 74 01. At present, they support businesses in EU, Switzerland and Norway.

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